Hi, Lee fam, I know it’s been a while since I started blogging on my space and I thought it wise to share these 20 random facts about me. I know you all would be interested, so without further ado, let set it rolling.

Fact #1- I am on the tall side. I am 5ft.10inches tall. Honestly, that’s the first thing people comment about when they see me for the first time.

Fact #2- I am an introvert and reserved but I can be very bubbly when I’m with my family or depending on the group of people I find myself with. That doesn’t make me an ambivert either.

Fact #3- I love the varieties of rice dishes but I’m not a huge fan of rice pudding (rice water).

Fact #4- I am allergic to anything that is strongly scented being it Perfume, Hand sanitizer, Car Exhaust Fume, Cigarette, Body Cream, Anti-perspirant, etc. In short, I prefer mildly scented products.

Fact #5- I love music and I mean good music. Music is the food to my soul.

Fact #6- I don’t drink alcohol and neither do I smoke.

Fact #7- I love to write and that’s something that I don’t struggle with.

Fact #8- I love cats but I’m so scared of dogs.

Fact #9- I am a huge fan of pageantry and modelling shows, I guess it’s because of my height…. lol….

Fact #10- I am a straight forward person.

Fact #11- From a distance, people think that I am very antisocial and rude because I hardly make friends, but tend to have a different perception about me when they get closer.

Fact #12- I might not be the friendliest person you will ever come across with, but I am so cool and fun to be with.

Fact #13- I dislike Pawpaw, I just don’t know why but I can’t consume them.

Fact #14- I can surf the internet for hours but can’t spend the same time watching Television.

Fact #15- I love to cook.

Fact #16- I can’t have onion in it’s raw and sliced state unless it’s blended or grinded.

Fact #17- I am not athletic.

Fact #18- I am very optimistic and I keep moving even when no one supports me. To me, that’s the definition of confidence.

Fact #19- I am quite a perfectionist and I mostly want my things to be done the right way.

Fact #20- I am a digger and not a jumper. I always make sure to finish a particular task before moving on to the next one.


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